About Us


Another Chance Animal Rescue supports a large portion of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that have been rescued from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Pound, Shire of Coolgardie Pound (Kambalda & Coolgardie) after owners have failed to come forward and claim possession. We work hard to re-home animals whose circumstances have changed drastically, or those who have produced offspring that cannot be adequately cared for. All of our animals are temporarily placed within Foster Care; a safe and supportive environment provided by our team of volunteers, as we do not currently possess a shelter facility. These animals are loved, trained and given the opportunity to socialise with other pets, people and children.  


Our Philosophies

Another Chance Animal Rescue works proactively to help bring about positive change in areas, which cause so many unwanted, abandoned, and neglected dogs and cats. We strongly support and promote the desexing of all domestic pets, and strive to educate the general public on the importance of spaying and responsible pet ownership. Through positive and active change, the primary goal of Another Chance Animal Rescue is to enhance the quality of life for cats and dogs that have been subjected to areas of neglect.


We live in a fast paced world where both human and pet relationships are subject to change. At Another Chance Animal Rescue, time and energy is not wasted passing judgment on others. Instead we direct our efforts towards innovating and finding solutions based on the needs of all animals directed into our care. We aim to facilitate a pairing between the right pet and their ideal owner. As Another Chance Animal Rescue DOES NOT condone a “death row” approach, time taken to find the perfect match is of first priority. We acknowledge that our pets like people are unique, and that compatibility is of the utmost importance irrelevant to the waiting period incurred. 


Meet Our Team

All of our Another Chance Animal Rescue Team members are hardworking volunteers! 


President:           Ashleigh Beales

Vice President:   Charlotte Conaty

Secretary:           Chelcie Paytner

Treasurer:           Nicola Murdoch


Committee Members:

Jayne Carr



All our Foster Carers & Volunteers prove to be the back bone of our organisation. Without the support of these fantastic people, ACA Rescue would not continue to run. Our carer’s are regular people from the community who have graciously offered a spare bed in their home for a furry friend.


Our Pets

It proves cheaper to adopt a pet from Another Chance Animal Rescue that has been vaccinated, vet checked, wormed, microchipped & desexed (from six months of age) than to get a FREE animal from avenues such as facebook, which hold no guarantees in the provision of up to date vet work or necessary treatments. Unfortunately, Another Chance Animal Rescue does not have the resources at this time to transport animals by air.  All adoptions must be local.



If you are interested in adopting or becoming a carer please contact us and don't forget to check out our animal listings.